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MRMW North America - The World’s Leading Market Research Conference

Events/ Wordnerds

Wordnerds will be at stand 11 and speaking Thursday 16th June at 02:40 EDT. 

This June, Wordnerds are heading stateside for MRMW North America 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia - which just so happens to be a sister city of Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you’re going to be in Atlanta 15-16 June, please take heed that Pete Daykin will also be there. Sound on for full effect.

And if you just so happen to be heading to MRMW North America, then we hope our paths cross. 

Why are Wordnerds flying 4,074 miles to talk about market research?

Because AI platforms suck for people who work with Insights.

Schitts Creek gif: Text reads: NOT the answer I was looking for

OK, more specifically, we’re going to help the market researchers and insight specialists in the room understand why AI isn't enough.

We’ll be sharing a framework for building unstructured text data into insight strategies and reporting. Plus how to build back consumer confidence in a post-pandemic landscape with real-time qual insights (subject to change-ish). 

If Pete’s event bio is anything to go by, it’s sure to be a memorable talk.

Co-Founder and CEO Pete Daykin will be on stage with his talk “Blending AI with Corpus Linguistics to deliver market-leading customer experiences in the UK's largest supermarkets” on Thursday 16th June at 02:40 EDT. 

We’re also exhibiting and you’ll find our Insight Specialists Laurna Russell and Helen Precious on Stand 11. 

If you’d like to book in a slot to chat all things market research or to grab a Peachtree Margarita with the team - reach out to Laurna.

Connect with Laurna on LinkedIn or email laurna@wordnerds.ai 

But if you aren’t heading to Atlanta, and would like to know more about why the heck we are…keep on reading.

What is MRMW North America 2022 all about?

Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) is one of the top events in the Market Research calendar. 

This year the event’s focus is the metaverse, consumer expectation & the role of research in the virtual space. 


Who else will be there?

MRMW North America is attended by a host of super-intelligent people who love data and analysis as much as we do. 

From Senior Business Analysts, Heads of Research, and Insight Directors - they’re all there to share and learn about the latest trends and innovations driving the market research industry forward.

Some of the world’s biggest brands will be there including:

Brands speaking at MRMW North America 2022


What are Wordnerds doing at the event exactly?

✅ Speaking
✅ Chasing Pete around the streets on a scooter
✅ Eating far too much, fried chicken and peaches

How jealous are the other Wordnerds that they aren’t going?

Given that Atlanta is known as the Peach State, you can only imagine how our Insights Specialist Harry Peach feels about missing out on the trip.

Will & Grace gif - text reads "I'm not jealous. And I'll tell you why I'm jealous


Email laurna@wordnerds.ai to book a meeting with Wordnerds at MRMW NA.  

Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for updates from this event and others that we're attending/exhibiting at this summer. 



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