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Filter: artificial intelligence

The World Passenger Awards, 2022

Artificial Intelligence/ Rail

Riding the high from World Passenger Festival, we're here to bring you the brightest news that was delivered through the whole conference (if we do say so ourselves).

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Bias deep-dive part 2: The bias of AI

Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to our second bias deep-dive at Wordnerds. Last time, we spoke about how bias can infiltrate every part of our society, even the glitter-strewn innocence of Strictly. Now we're going to tell you about how this bias can infiltrate the world...

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Housemark says...

Artificial Intelligence/ Text Analysis/ Housing

Lick your elbow and make sure your tenants are adequately supported during a period of rising costs and heightened regulation.

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Bias deep-dive 1: Is Strictly biased?

Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to our first bias deep-dive at Wordnerds. Any data scientist worth their “Kiss Me I’m a Data Scientist” novelty baseball cap knows that bias is an enormous challenge in big data, Artificial Intelligence, and beyond.

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Homeschool Project: Alice, Wordnerds and the Famous Five

Linguistics/ Artificial Intelligence

Homeschooling the Wordnerds way. Co-Founder, Steve Erdal took his daughter's English lesson to the next level, teaching her to use our platform, looking at the 1st 2 Famous Five books, pattern hunting.

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Product news: New AI groups text by what it means, not words used

Wordnerds/ Artificial Intelligence

We have launched a new feature on the Wordnerds platform, which allows you to quickly search for anything important to you, without having to guess the words people use. 

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