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Filter: text analysis

Tenant feedback, TSM style

Text Analysis/ Housing

This article is a breakdown of the content delivered in our inaugural “PAPA framework” webinar, guiding housing providers through how they can treat their customer data to best adhere to TSMs — by improving the customer experience at the root of...

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Housemark says...

Artificial Intelligence/ Text Analysis/ Housing

Lick your elbow and make sure your tenants are adequately supported during a period of rising costs and heightened regulation.

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How Scottish Twitter changed online conversation - and what you need to do about it.

Social Insights/ Linguistics/ Text Analysis

How Twitter has changed online conversation - and what you need to do about it.

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Please can I have pizza?

Text Analysis/ Insights

This article isn't really about pizza, but we do talk about pizza. And flowers.

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Santa's Shattered Sentiment

Social Insights/ Brand Sentiment/ Text Analysis

What do audience reactions reveal about the elements that make a Christmas ad “successful”?

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A 5G Customer Experience Revolution With West Midlands 5G (WM5G)

Text Analysis/ Rail

Understanding the evolving landscape of passenger routines, sentiment and mindset will be essential to the public transport industry’s post-COVID recovery plan.

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What do you do with a ton of text data?

Text Analysis

Pop quiz, hotshot. You’ve been given a big stack of unstructured text data - could be survey responses, social data, staff appraisals. You have to pull insights from this data, and explain to your organisation what’s going on.

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How Skipping Lunch Can Mess Up Your Data Analysis

Text Analysis

Have you ever noticed changes in your decision-making ability pre and post-lunch? Is food shopping on an empty stomach like an episode of Supermarket Sweep? Or do the sugar shakes make you a little more irk-some than usual? Well, you’re definitely...

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