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Water Companies CX Social Insight Report to Launch at SWAN 2020

Social Insights/ Brand Sentiment/ Market Reviews

We take our love of words into new waters with our latest social insight report, launching at SWAN 2020 in July.

Choppy waters

 So many of the key challenges facing us as a species involve water.

The heat on water companies is unique compared to other utility organisations. Suppliers are solely responsible for the continuous supply of water, at an adequate pressure - all the while customers are unable to switch suppliers.

Can’t switch? Screw the customers then, just put your feet up and do the bare minimum, right? Think again. The water industry is heavily regulated by Government, regulators and consumer watchdogs, who set the rules and make sure customers are looked after.

Very well looked after in fact.

Water companies constantly face challenges associated with delivering exceptional, seamless customer experience in order to try and nullify the view that the water industry is seen as an invisible service.

They're constantly striving to elevate their CX offering to be held in such high esteem as household brands such as John Lewis and Amazon.

Not to mention the rising environmental emphasis vis-à-vis how water companies manage water use and educate customers - other, unforeseen circumstances can also add strain to their day-to-day operations.

External pressure

COVID-19 caused anxieties for many, for very obvious reasons, but it also amplified the importance of water for domestic customers. Supply and quality of water to homes across the country has been under a microscope for a good chunk of 2020. With the whole country at home due to lockdown, supply and quality issues were much more noticeable.

Throw the sunniest May on record into the mix, and you’ve got a massive surge in demand with furloughed induced car washing, patio power-washing and a spike in “essential” hot tub, paddling pools, sprinkler and hosepipe purchases.

Water companies are certainly up against it.

Impacts on customer sentiment?

Using our text analysis platform, we’re closely monitoring the key issues driving complaints, measuring where in the country the biggest issues are and which water companies are being praised for their efforts.

Set to launch at SWAN 2020, our report takes a representative of tweets from every water company in the UK to provide an overview of the industry as a whole as well as a deep dive into each water company, examining how customers really feel, and what matters to them most.

Sign up for exclusive access to the report, which will be available in July.

No Swanning off to Glasgow

In March, Wordnerds joined the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), a leading global hub for the smart water and wastewater sectors and looked forward to a jolly to Glasgow for a few days, at SWAN’s 10th annual conference.

The event is now virtual, taking place 22 - 24 July, focusing on “Moving Beyond Data to Value Creation”.

Wordnerds Co-founder and CEO, Pete Daykin, is joining Andrew Donnelly, Advisor to the Board & Head of Leakage Management for EPAL, Mei Shikma’s CEO, Arik Mula, and Waseem Khan, PUB Senior Engineer on day two of the conference for a panel session.

Chaired by Kamstrups’ Lena Warming, Head of Commercial Services, the panel will be discussing delivering water loss results.

The report will be launched during the event.

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