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Apr 22, 2020

Homeschool project: Alice, Wordnerds, and the Famous Five 🕵️‍♀️

Co-Founder Steve took his daughter's English lesson to the next level, teaching her to use our platform, pattern hunting in the first 2 Famous Five books.

Our Co-Founder Steve is suddenly responsible for educating his children, and it turns out that they already know more than him in most subjects. So he taught his daughter Alice (aged 8), how to use the Wordnerds platform. For their subject matter they chose the first two Famous Five books, uploading them onto the Wordnerds platform to see what patterns they could find.

The rest of this post was written entirely by Alice. Steve was not given any editorial control.


My name is Alice. I am eight years old. I like reading, writing and acting, and I have been using Wordnerds’s artificial intelligence. My Dad works at Wordnerds.

Artificial intelligence is a way of getting more information by sorting everything that everyone thinks of your business. I am only eight. I obviously don’t have a business. But I find it very interesting, and it helps me get more information.


Alice working on AI


I have been using it to get information out of Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five. They are very good, and well written. Getting information from it has been extremely fun! There are three things we’ve been using. I’ll try to explain them to you.

How happy are the books?

We find out by using this graph. It goes lower when it’s sadder, and higher when it’s happier. When you’re using it for business, the lines will go higher when someone’s said something good, and lower when someone’s complaining.

Sentiment trend - Wordnerds


Five on a Treasure Island is happiest in Chapter 11, when they are first on the island. It is saddest in chapter 14, when the baddies are winning.

What words does Enid Blyton use?

We can find out which type of words she uses by looking at these. When you’re doing it with your business, it’ll be what people talked about, and if they did or didn’t like it.

People really like Aunt Fanny. People ask about spending the day. People didn’t like the wrong way. People called Anne an idiot, which wasn’t nice. And they ask if they can have ice creams!

Sentiment topic analysis - what people liked, didn't like and asked about ~ Wordnerds software


We used themes to specify what we wanted to look at. For example, talking about food! First of all I wrote this:

Tell the AI what you're looking for - Wordnerds

To tell the artificial intelligence what and what not to look for. It sorted some sentences from the book, and I tagged it to tell it what I was looking for.

Wordnerds smart filtering artificial intelligence


I’ve got lots of information about The Famous Five that I didn’t know before. You can get lots of information about your business, whatever that may be. Be sure to use the Wordnerds artificial intelligence!

Stay safe,

From Alice Erdal.

Fiction aficionado, text analysis expert, and daughter to co-founder Steve

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