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Higher & Further Education Marketing & Communications Conference

Wordnerds are returning as sponsors to the National Higher and Further Education Marketing and Communications Conference in November 2019.

Wordnerds are returning as sponsors and speakers to the National Higher and Further Education Marketing and Communications Conference in November 2019.

Following our key sponsor of the event last year and the Future of Higher and Further Education Marketing and Communications event in June 2019, we’re pumped to announce that we’re sponsoring another event from the fine folk at Government Events.

Competition is at an all-time high for UK Universities and students have more choice now than ever in terms of achieving their professional preferences. 

‘A decrease in the number of 18-year-olds and student number controls being removed means that universities and colleges are now making offers to a wider range of students throughout the recruitment cycle.  Social media and digital technology has changed behaviours and attitudes of students choosing which institution to study at.

As a result, higher and further education has shifted from being a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, in which applicants have unprecedented choice.  Universities are spending millions of pounds on marketing in a bid to recruit students in this increasingly competitive landscape. With nearly one in four universities in deficit in England in 2018, there is increased financial pressure to recruit students.

This timely event explores how HEFE institutions can find new ways to attract and engage students by devising creative campaigns that incorporated digital marketing and social media.  It sets out the current HEFE landscape and the challenges that marketing and communications executives face. Get the latest information from senior bodies and listen to case study examples of best practice to benchmark and gain new insights and strategies.’

(👆Borrowed from Government Events)

Up steps Wordnerds.  

Our CEO & Co-founder Pete Daykin will be taking to the stage just before lunchtime to take a look at what's changed in the world of HE since last year's event in addition to the tough outlook for the sector. He’ll also be exploring how institutions can leverage the powers of artificial intelligence to hack the league tables and attract the best students. 

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