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UK Water Companies State of the Nation Report now available for download

How can water companies really listen to and understand their customers when there is so much noise on social media? And how can they identify the problems that affect most customers... and those that affect some customers most?

Our latest State of the Nation report is now available for download, this time focusing on UK Water companies.

Using our game-changing text analysis software, we’ve analysed over 50,000 tweets mentioning 15 of the most talked-about water companies on Twitter, to uncover:

  • What issues caused the most damage to customer sentiment
  • What services do customers care most about
  • What quick wins can improve customer experience

The water industry as a whole will always have a special place in our hearts. From the very early days of Wordnerds, we were fortunate to take part in a number of Northumbrian Water's world-class innovation festivals, and secured support through the Water Hub.  As well as, you know, being a bunch of humans heavily reliant on access to water, in the most general terms.

So it's fair to see we really love water. 

What is clear from this report, is that the water companies have customer service down to fine art. But, 2020 arrived with a bang, which brought with it a myriad of external factors,  dealing blow after blow to water companies working tirelessly to maintain critical services.

Storms, to a global pandemic and the driest May since records began. All of which impacted water companies from a supply perspective, to demand and bill payments. 

Grab a cuppa, and take a look at how each brand performed, where they delivered and what unique issues bothered their customers more than others.







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