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Wordnerds Market Review #1: Protein Shakes

Welcome to the first in a series of Wordnerds market reviews, where we look beyond the star ratings and find out which product is really right for you.

Reviews Sentiment Analysis

Welcome to the first in a series of Wordnerds' market reviews, where we look beyond the star ratings and uncover the true voice of the customer.

#1 Protein Shakes 


Newbie and veteran 'gym bods' spend a whole lot of time talking about protein shakes - when to drink, what to add and more importantly, what to drink. 

As with gym attendance, Google searches for "protein shakes" world wide typically peaks in January, with a steady decline throughout the year as New Year's resolutions gradually fall to the wayside. 


With Google's search spikes, brings with it scrupulous customer research, crawling review sites and social media channels for the best shake on the market.  Retail Dive reported last year that 'the vast majority (87%) of shoppers begin product searches on digital channels, up from 71%' in 2017.  It's easy to do, you can do it on the move and requires little effort. 
But, what consumers see during this discovery phase can lead to them drawing early brand meaning, as well as driving them to their eventual purchase - sometimes, all out of control of the hands of the marketing department. 

What are people saying online about protein shakes?

Using our text analysis software, we looked at what people liked and disliked about five top whey protein products with data available on their customer ratings.

We looked at:

View our report here


This was one of our first-ever market reviews. Wordnerds software has advanced and incredible amount since we launched this way back when. For our most recent sector reports, you can find them over on our Insights Reports page. See you over there.


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