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Five Reasons Why Higher Education is the Toughest Job in Marketing

Higher Education

 We work with marketers of all shapes and sizes, and we love them all like sisters and brothers. But if we had to choose, the highest difficulty level of marketing, the double black diamond, the elite mode, belongs to the proud marketeers who are...

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event news: the future of higher and further education marketing and communications


For the second year running, Wordnerds are delighted to be sponsoring the The Future of Higher and Further Education Marketing and Communications event, taking place at Central Manchester in June 2019.

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so who's going to win the mayoral election?


The votes have been cast. For the first time, the fine people to the north of the River Tyne have taken to the voting booth and are electing a mayor. As a proud northeast organisation, we're really excited about finding out who's going to by the...

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Market Reviews

Welcome to the first in a series of Wordnerds market reviews, where we look beyond the star ratings and find out which product is really right for you.

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take the quiz: m&ms or maltesers?

Brand Sentiment

At Wordnerds, we take large, unmanageable datasets of unstructured text, and turn them into actionable insights. One of the areas we do this in is product reviews – taking tens of thousands of posts on retail sites, and telling our clients, at a...

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wordnerds at the world cup: ten things we learned

Social Insights

What a world cup! We’ve had more crazy twists and utter joy than a Kieran Trippier free kick. And across England’s adventure, Wordnerds has been following the hilarious, ecstatic, rage-filled and ultimately agonising journey of the fans back home.

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the smallness of big data


Welcome to the Nerditorium, where we’ll be publishing ebooks, white papers, articles and general brain froth that comes out of our Wordnerds work.

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Market Reviews

January is the month for hitting the gym, and even nerds like us are no exception. So we’ve spent January analysing thousands of reviews of top gym chains in the country, to see how they fared in January, and which is right for you.

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